Book Writing

Publication Category

Scholarly Publication

  • Publications of a schorlarly materials, scientific knowledge and academic writing nature.
  • Research projects and writings that have potential market value.

Publication Types:

  1. Authentic works (Karya Asli)
  2. Text book
  3. Monograph
  4. Book Chapters
  5. Teaching & Learning Module
  6. Proceedings


General Publication

  • Non-academic publication


  1. Academic handbook, coffee table book, specially published, bulletin, magazine etc;
  2. Creative books – Motivational, novel, kumpulan cerpen, kumpulan Puisi, book for kids, autobiography book etc.

Download UTeM Press Service Application Form here:

Manuscript Preparation

Writing Preparation Format

  • Neatly and clean typing arrangement in A4 size paper or digital page;
  • Using only Times New Roman or Palatino Linotype typeface with 12 pt font size;
  • Using 1.5 or 2.0 pt for leading / line spacing;
  • Number of pages exceeds 49 pages (UNESCO). However a good book should be over than 100 pages.


Title And Content

  • Chapter title can be done with CAPITAL LETTERS or Capitalize each Words and can be align on the left, center or right area.
  • Breakdown of titles into subtitles can be done not more than three (3) subtitle level are recommended. Please use typography format as below:
    • TITLE (12 pt font size in CAPITAL LETTERS and BOLD).
    • Subtitle (12 pt font size, Capital Letters Each Words and Bold).
    • Sub-subtitle (11 pt font size, Capital Letters Each Words dan Bold). 

Manuscript Submission

Please make sure all documents and forms are submit along with your manuscript. Below are list of forms and documents which is mentioned to be submit:

Documents for download: