Manuscript Preparation


  • Organized and neatly typed using A4 size paper/page;
  • Font to be use: Times New Roman or Palatino Linotype with 12 pt font size.
  • Using 1.5 or 2.0 pt line spacing size;
  • The number of pages exceeds 49 pages (UNESCO). However a good book should be over 100 pages.


Title And Content


  • Chapter titles can be made in CAPITAL LETTERS or Capitalize Each Words that can be align either in the left, right or center.
  • Titles can be breakdown into subtitles or subheadings. But it is recomended that not more than three (3) levels of subheadings. Please use the following format:
    • TITLE (12 pt font size with CAPITAL LETTERS and bold).
    • Subtitle (12 pt font size, capitalize each word dan bold).
    • Subheading (11 pt font size, capitallize each word and bold).