Frequently Ask Questions

Here are the questions frequently asked by UTeM Press’s website visitors. If there are any other questions please call us at +606 270 1241 or e-mail us at

1. What is UTeM Press?
UTeM Press is a centre that responsible to publish and print all universities publication and promo items. It was established on 2002 as a section under Chancellery Office and become a centre in 2004.

2. Where is the location of UTeM Press?
The centre was operates in Taman Tasik Utama back then in 2002. In 2006 UTeM Press was move to new building in Industry Campus, now so called UTeM Technology Campus. Again, in 2008, the centre moved at City Campus in Jalan Hang tuah, Melaka and now UTeM Press has moved back in the Main Campus in Durian Tuanggal and the centre was located at the low level of Perpustakaan Laman Hikmah UTeM.

3. What types of services are offered?
UTeM Press offers 4 types of services:
– Book Publishing

– Journal Publishing
– Graphic Design for promo items
– Printings

4. How to apply those services?
Customers can apply via printed service application form for the time being which they can download from UTeM Press website.

5. How long the process of those services ?
Depend on which services. For editorial process in book publication, it took approximately about 3 months minimum to release one single printed book. For graphic design service about 3 weeks approximately to release an event promo items. 

6. Who can apply thoses services?
For the time being, UTeM Press serve for internal application for UTeM’s official events only in graphic design and video production services unlike book publication that serve to the public.

7. Is royalty given to the author?
Financial incentives are paid only to eligible manuscripts. Please refer to the UTeM Press Publication Policy handbook for more information.

8. Can authors sell their own published books?
Authors are welcome to sell their own published books. Please contact Administration and Marketing Section (06-270 1268) for more information.

9. Where is the product or derivative usually marketed?
Through traveling exhibitions throughout the country, seminars, symposiums, discourses, lectures, websites, digital prints and social media networks. UTeM Press also establishes marketing collaborations with other university publishers through MAPIM.

10. How can I get a book published by UTeM Press?
You can visit our bookstore which operates as follows:

Aras Bawah,
Perpustakaan Laman Hikmah,
Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka.
Hang Tuah Jaya, Durian Tunggal,
76100 Melaka, Malaysia.

(From 8.30 a.m – 5.30 p.m) 

or visit our online store at