depan penerbit

UTeM Press was established in October 2002 under the responsibility of the Chancellery Office publishes materials and print graphics for promotional purposes of the university.

On 1 November 2004, it was promoted as a Centre of Responsibility (CoR) and serves as a central issue to publish educational materials, product graphics and multimedia products of the university.

In 2010 a new restructuring occurred along with the development in the field of university publication, UTeM Press where divided into two parts, the Division of Administration and the Division of Editorial and Marketing. While the Editorial Division has been divided into 5 units

- Pre-Publishing Unit / Marketing;
- Journal Unit;
- Teaching and Learning Module Unit;
- Unit PenyuntingElektronik / s and the Public Lecture; and
- E-Publishing Publishing Unit.

In 2015, UTeM Press has expand its services into 7 main function to serve university needs. They are:

1. Development Division Publications
2. Editorial Management Division
3. Creative Publishing Division
4. Sales & Marketing
5. The Creative Art Products
6. Multimedia Division
7. Administration and Finance

Majlis Penerbitan Ilmiah Malaysia