1. Develop a multimedia presentation in the form of video for events, receptions or official university programs such as; Montage, Advertising, Documentary videos and Corporate Videos.
3. Make a visual audio editing process for events, receptions or official university program.
4. Create and edit audio recordings such as; voice-over (vo), special sound effects (sfx), background noise or background music.
5. Developing special visual effects (VFX) for the purpose of video production such as; motion graphics, info graphic animation, motion title, chromakey and so on.
6. To publish corporate video of university.
7. Publishing a university official anthem video.
8. Updating the content of university corporate video from time to time.
9. Providing the CD / DVD video to university as an archive and a souvenir.
10. Managing the duplicating process of the original CD / DVD.
11. Become live recording crew for MCP (multiple camera production) for events, functions or official university program.
12. To provide video recording for events, receptions or official university program.


1. Develop a conventional book in the form of an electronic book (e-book) as pdf, flip book and I-book.
3. Coordinate and develop CD inserts for specific books by authors requirements such as; Audio CD, VCD, CD tutorial.
4. Assist 'Content Manager' for the electronic media department, whether web, blog and so on.
5. Maintain and update the department's website.
6. Assist other units within the department in the process of electronic publishing

Majlis Penerbitan Ilmiah Malaysia