1. Conducting a promotional book published by University Press either through on-line, book fairs and exhibitions, book launches and press releases.
2. Dealing directly with the aggregator and industrial player in order to increase production volumes and feedback.
3. Create marketing strategic planning in terms of the distribution of brochures, catalogs and dissemination of information through print and electronic media.
4. Participate in book fair organized by the Malaysian Scholarly Publishing Council (MAPIM) and other agencies either nationally or abroad.
5. Assist in managing the evaluation process of the manuscript in term of marketability.
6. Managing the payment process of royalties, translation service, and evaluation process.
7. Responsible for analyzing and identifying the target groups to enable materials published penetrative.
8. Ensure that all items are paid is managed by standard operating procedures (SOP) and the University guidelines.
9. Monitor the security of book gallery.
10. Attending MAPIM Marketing Operations Meeting.
11. Preparing the quotation of printing process.
12. To assist the process of publishing, printing and book pricing.
13. Reporting the sale performance to the top management's by monthly and annually.

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